2015 new signage product: Mini LED Letter

Mini LED letter is a new kind of LED letter that has just become popular in 2015. It’s called Mini LED letter because of it’s small in size, very thin and light. It’s actually Acrylic beveled side lighting letter. Main structure of Mini LED letter: PMMA(Acrylic) sheet that is thicker than 18mm as surface; Acrylic sheet that is 3mm-5mm in thickness as base; LED module. Advantages: very slim, very lightweight, not easily broken, long life, even lighting, no color fading.

Mini LED Letter


The old version of LED letter – LED resin letter has not been widely used because it is not enough weatherproof, color highly unstable, too heavy, LED module cannot be repaired or replaced, yet Acrylic beveled side mini letter. has even brightness, light comes out from the top, the bottom and even the sides, very little limitation for the size of the letters, easy to produce efficiently, highly weatherproof, the LED module can be replaced, and a lot more advantages. Mini LED letter will gradually replace Resin letter and will very probably become the main stream sign letters in the small letter sign market. It is believed that in the coming ISA International Sign Expo held in Las Vegas in April, many exhibitors will show different designs of Mini LED letters hoping to get more orders. Now let’s see how Mini LED letter is made:


Transparent PMMA sheet, UV pain, glue, LED module, adaptor.



  1. After finishing CAD/CAM file for carving, arrange material in scale of 1:1, note that the letter strokes are thick enough to contain the smallest LED module.
  2. Cut and carve the PMMA sheet with CNC machine. The carving of the Mini Letter has the following steps.
    • Carve for groove on back of letter.
    • Mill and carve the beveled sides on the front of letter.
    • Cut to form the front.
    • Cut to form the back.
  3. Clean the letter when carving is finished.
  4. Install LED module in groove of letter.
  5. Cover lighting area with adhesive tape, spry paining on sides, oven-dried.
  6. Power on and check the lighting quality.




  1. Due to the fact that PMMA sheets are not high-temperature resistant and has smooth surface, careful selection for right types of paint is needed.
  2. Consistency of brightness and color of LED module highly the lighting quality of the entire sign system, LED products under strict lighting selection is needed.

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