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In response to the changeful international market and the trend of customers’ personalized demands, from 2007, the year of establishment, Huapu Lighting always stick to the “customized production” and “small quantity with high frequency” service strategy, which enable us to provide high performance lighting products with competitive cost.


Is Huapu Lighting your right choice?
> If you notice that more and more customers are having personalized requirements.
> If you are aware that homogenization will make products meet fierce competition on market.
> If you acknowledge that small quantity purchase can control stock risk and financial cost.
> If you are bothered by the installation solution of the lamps.
> If you agree that high performance with low cost means: good quality, high durability, never outdated style, easy  installation.
> If you understand that good technology support can improve your technology skills.
Then, Huapu Lighting is your right choice.


Development history
. Sept. 2007, Production lines of LED modules for Lighting signs were built.
. Oct. 2007, Guangzhou Panyu Huapu Electronic Factory was founded and registered.
. Nov. 2007, Become LED module supplier of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, for their Lighting signs.
. Mar. 2008, Become OEM partner of USA Poli Signs.
. Nov. 2008, Attend the first Exhibition (12th Guangzhou International Advertising Exhibition).
. Jul. 2009, Produce customized LED T5 tube for Galaxy Lighting in UK.
. Oct. 2009, Develop Russian market, become supplier of Capital in Russia.
. Jan. 2010, LED replace traditional lighting gradually, Huapu develop first series of LED panel light.
. Sept. 2010, Huapu LED panel light, tube light pass CE, RoHS certificates.
. Mar. 2011, Huapu factory move to Xinzao Town.
. Aug. 2011, Provide accessories to overseas factories, include Light Guide Plate and Diffusing sheet.
. Jun. 2012, Registered as Guangzhou Huapu Lighting Co., Ltd.
. Sept. 2012, LED panel light drivers pass SAA certificates, partly pass UL certificates.
. Jan. 2013, Provide free suspended install accessories with LED panel light.
. May. 2013, All Huapu Lighting products warranty increase to 3 years.
. …..

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1-4th Mar. 2013, 9th International LED Exhibition (Guangzhou) LED lights Exhibitions2013

11-14th Jul. 2012, 12th International Lighting Expo (Shanghai) 20-23th Feb. 2012, 8th International LED Exhibition (Guangzhou) LED lights Exhibitions2012

1-4th Mar. 2011, 7th International LED Exhibition (Guangzhou) 9-12th Jun. 2010, International lighting exhibition (Guangzhou)

2-5th Mar. 2010, 6th International LED Exhibition (Guangzhou) 25-27th Nov. 2009, 13th International Advertising Exhibition (Guangzhou) 7-10th Jul. 2009, 17th International Advertising Exhibition (Shanghai) 9-12th Jun. 2009, International lighting exhibition (Guangzhou) 28th Feb.-3th Mar, 5th International LED Exhibition (Guangzhou) 20-22th, Nov. 2008, 12th International Advertising Exhibition (Guangzhou) LED Lights Exhibitions2008