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Panel-light-FAQ-Q  What’s the highest wattage can be achieved? Like 600*600cm type?

Panel-light-FAQ-A  Like 600*600cm panel light, we can do 72W Max. Even though we can do higher wattages, it is not recommended, there’re two reasons: first, the heat dissipation will be a problem for wattage higher than 72wts, the other reason is that the light which is too bright will not get even lighting effect in actual use.


Panel-light-FAQ-Q  How to install? Does the lamp go with any install accessories?

Panel-light-FAQ-A  LED panel light can be install as suspended, recessed, surface mounted, suction. First two are standard accessories which go with the light, the last two are optional. Downlight can only be installed as suction.


Panel-light-FAQ-Q  Can I order customized size? Or change to different materials according to my needs?

Panel-light-FAQ-A  Yes, you can order customized size within 120*240cm. And you can also change to different materials, like LEDs of different brands, drivers with different prices, etc.


Panel-light-FAQ-Q  Can you achieve high CRI? How much is the normal CRI and high CRI?

Panel-light-FAQ-A  All our lights can use LEDs with CRI higher than 90. The regular one used is with CRI higher than 75. The one between these two is 85. Please noted that higher CRI means lower lumen efficiency, normally the difference is about 10%.


Panel-light-FAQ-Q  What type of LEDs are used? How many LEDs? Like 600*600*48W type?

Panel-light-FAQ-A  Our regular series are all using 3014SMD from Lumenmax. The quantity of LEDs used is related to the wattage, like 600*600*48W has 400 3014SMD. We can also use the LEDs you specified, like: CREE, SEOUL, OSRAM, PHILIPS, LUMILEDS.


Panel-light-FAQ-Q  Can the light reach the lumen output as I required? What’s the lumen efficiency?

Panel-light-FAQ-A  The lumen output and efficiency various due to different dimension and wattage, for detailed data please check the “Optical”data of each product.


Panel-light-FAQ-Q  What’s the power factor and efficiency of drivers?

Panel-light-FAQ-A  For drivers with power higher than 10W, the power factor is more than 0.98, efficiency more than 0.9.


Panel-light-FAQ-Q  Do other customized size need tooling?

Panel-light-FAQ-A  Yes, all non-standard size need tooling, include: PCB, LGP, Frame, Back cover, so the lead time will need 7-15 more working days.


Panel-light-FAQ-Q  Can I print my company logo on the products or packing?

Panel-light-FAQ-A  Yes, it is always welcomed to tell us if you need logo to be printed on products or packings, many of our OEM clients are doing so.


Panel-light-FAQ-Q  Can the panel lights be dimmable?

Panel-light-FAQ-A  Yes, all our LED light can be dimmable, it is TRI-AC type. Beside dimmable function, we also have Color temperature changing, RGB series.

Panel-light-FAQ-Q  What’s the lead time in busy season and off season?

Panel-light-FAQ-A  Lead time is about 5-10 working days in off season, 10-20 working days in busy season, it is based on order quantity and the products.


Panel-light-FAQ-Q  What’s lead time of samples?

Panel-light-FAQ-A  Regular item’s sample lead time is about 2-5 working days.


Panel-light-FAQ-Q  How many panel lights can be loaded in one 20′ container?

Panel-light-FAQ-A  A 20 feet container can be loaded with about 1000pcs 600*600cm panel lights.


Panel-light-FAQ-Q  What’s transportation time?

Panel-light-FAQ-A  Express: about 4-6 working days, Air: 5-9 working days, Sea: 20-35 working days.
Please noted the above data is for reference, actual data may be a little different for different area or time.


Panel-light-FAQ-Q  Who will bear the freight cost?

Panel-light-FAQ-A  Our price is quoted base on EXW normally, so the freight cost is on buyer’s side, you can also prepaid us the freight, and we will ask our forwarders to take care the delivery.

Panel-light-FAQ-Q What certificates do the lights and drivers have?

Panel-light-FAQ-A We have CE, RoHS, FCC certificates for our LED panel light, and CE, RoHS, SAA, TUV, FCC certificates for the drivers used.


Panel-light-FAQ-Q What’s the warranty policy?

Panel-light-FAQ-A All our products have 3 years warranty, exclude the situation of physical demage, wrong installation, using the products out of their designed purposes. (Including but not only restricted to the below situations: The frame of light is damaged, dismounting the light without permit, wrong wiring, input voltage exceed the limited one, indoor products using in outdoor, non-waterproof products used in humid environment, etc.)


Panel-light-FAQ-Q What’s the policy of replace and refund?

Panel-light-FAQ-A Any problems accured due to the quality during warranty, we promise to replace them with new one, or change the broken parts. If the problems still exit, we can refund the original purchase price. For the products exceed warranty, we provide repair service, and only charge for the cost of parts, free for the labor cost. replacement or refund is our sole warranty obligation. incidental and consequential damages are excluded.

Panel-light-FAQ-Q What’s the MOQ?

Panel-light-FAQ-A Our MOQ is 1pcs, Yes, It is only 1 pcs. Place an order with us, and you will see how the internet change the way of doing business.


Panel-light-FAQ-Q Can I place small quantity order at first?

Panel-light-FAQ-A Yes, sure you can, and please refer to the above questions. If you are a new customer who never purchase from us before, it is recommended that you can start from small quantity trial order, in this way, you can keep your risk to the minimum level. Of course, we are always welcome you placing big order of 10 containers with us : )


Panel-light-FAQ-Q Does quotation include drivers?

Panel-light-FAQ-A Yes, all the price quoted including drivers, for dimmable ones, the price will be higher. We can also change to other drivers if you want to use the ones from your specified suppliers. In this way we will need to recalculate the cost, and the warranty will be changed according to your suppliers’ policy. On the other hand, you can also ask us to quoted the price without driver.


Panel-light-FAQ-Q What’s the terms of quotation can be available?

Panel-light-FAQ-A According to your needs, you can ask our sales person to quote the price base on: EXW, FOB, CIF.


Panel-light-FAQ-Q What payment methods can be available?


We can receive payment by: T/T, Western Union at present.


Panel-light-FAQ-Q What should I pay attention to when

making the bank transfer, to make the payment smooth?

Panel-light-FAQ-A If you are paying to our personal USD account, please do not show any “PI number” or “payment for goods” or other words refer to commercial in your bank instruction, you can just leave it blank or using “develop fee”, “commission”, otherwise, your payment may be returned. And of course, you can also pay to our offshore company account, thus the above problems will be gone.


Panel-light-FAQ-Q What currency can be accepted?

Panel-light-FAQ-A The currency we can received is US Dollars and RMB at present.